Coming soon to the UK (we hope)…

Ever been on holiday, had an extra-special culinary experience and thought 'I wish we had this at home'? That's us, always. But luckily, the UK is pretty good at adopting new ways with food, particularly when it comes to making mealtimes a bit more special. Here are some ideas we've collected from around the world that we look forward to seeing on our shores soon. Brought to you by Ritz Crisp & Thin, who know a thing or two about putting on a party.


1. Puertas Cerradas from Argentina

It’s a supper club by any other name. The so-called ‘Closed Door’ restaurants of Argentina are run by chefs in their own houses or flats and are often shrouded in secrecy. 


Patrons will usually discover them by word-of-mouth or online, they'll be given an address and location - usually a privately-owned apartment. Modern Argentinean cuisine that ventures beyond steak and Malbec might be served amongst a plethora of other courses, with cocktails to start. As the trend for all things South American continues it seems only right and proper than we should have some puertas cerradas in the UK. 


Why not give it a go yourself? Alice Levine shows us how you can host your own supperclub-style dinner party.

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Closed door

Photo: DeusXFlorida  / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: 8363028@N08


2. Meal kits from San Francisco

Dinners-in-a-box containing precise portions of every ingredient can be ordered on your phone and delivered to your door from a daily changing menu. Sound mad? They’re really taking off in the US and there’s some fierce app competition forming internationally. Meal kits are a great way to get people cooking trendy ingredients that they might be unfamiliar with, while also avoiding waste. 

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3. Breakfast culture from Australia

By breakfast we don't mean lazy weekend brunches that take all day. We're talking about getting up, having a run, and rather than gobbling up a bowl of cereal while waiting for the kettle to boil, going out and meeting your friends for a decent, delicious breakfast – be that a green smoothie or something more decadent - before work at 9am. 


This is how the antipodeans do it, and we reckon it’s an incredibly classy way to start the day. Admittedly it's probably a great deal easier in their climate, but surely the lure of a flat white served in a decent mug is enough to get you out of bed that little bit earlier? 

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Breakfast culture

4. Aperitivo from Italy

Things are very civilised in Italy, where all ages head to the bars at 6pm to sip a sophisticated drink or two while delicately nibbling on savoury snacks ranging from simple to elaborate, but always including salty snacks like crisps.


Certain beverages are seen as appropriate for this time of day, and they tend to be low alcohol with a bitter edge; they include prosecco, vermouth, Campari and Aperol.


The word Aperitivo comes from the Italian ‘to open’, and so this is a practise with which to begin the evening. It’s not about excess; it’s just a little something to get you in the mood for the evening ahead. Punctuating the end of the day with a little bit of healthy socialising is what it’s all about.


Next time you've got people coming round for dinner, why not surprise them with a welcome cocktail and a delicious selection of cold cuts, cheeses and a handful of crisps presented on a wooden board. Perfect for an after-work pick-me-up, don't you think?  

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5. Shipping container parks from LA

Created from repurposed shipping containers, so-called container parks are incredibly cool spaces to spend an evening sipping away at the latest craft brew, while wondering around the food stalls on offer – necessarily confined to small spaces with innovative cooking results. LA was among the first cities to rock the trend and London is hot on its heels. 

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Shipping container

Photo: Ian Irving / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: falsepositives


6. Brussels sprouts from California

Say, what? Peruse the menus of LA's trendiest restaurants and you'll notice that the humble sprout is treated very differently over the pond. All year round you'll find delicious appetisers celebrating the sprout, which is being hailed as the new kale by some. Think shredded, charred and caramelised sprouts mixed in with all manner of delicious flavours like anchovy reductions, rosemary salt, almonds and capers. Something to look forward to this Christmas!

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