Chocolate in its purest form – what’s not to love?

That's cacao – not cocoa. We’re not talking about your favourite bedtime drink here, although they do come from the same plant. Still with us? Good.


Cacao beans are the original source of all chocolatey pleasure, processed at a high temperature to make cocoa powder. That doesn’t mean it’s bad for you. In fact, plain cocoa powder is still a rich source of fibre and antioxidants.


But raw cacao, in the form of nibs (chopped up beans, basically), paste or powder, is even better for you. Healthy bods love it because it’s packed with vitamins and minerals. Unrefined and much less processed than cocoa, this purest form of chocolate has achieved true superfood status.


Trying out the trend couldn’t be easier. Blitz into smoothies, bake into brownies and sprinkle on your morning porridge. Or take this new food obsession further with these ideas. We should cacao.


Cacao and vanilla beef fillet canapés

Try the rich, smoky-sweet rub used for these canapés to jazz up your Sunday roast.


Avocado, banana and cacao mousse

This creamy treat is so packed with beautiful superfoods, it should be strutting down a catwalk.


Nuts and blues smoothie

Add 1 tbsp cacao powder to turbo-boost morning smoothies, like this sublime swirly creation.


Black Forest parfait

Black Forest parfait

Photo: Lisa Linder

Lovers of dark choc will adore this sweet and sour layer cake. 


Chocolate orange porridge

Chocolate for breakfast? You can with this sinless bowl of oats enlivened with raw cacao powder, berries and orange zest.