Those smiley gingerbread men have hidden depths, you know...

From knobbly knuckles of fresh ginger root to dried and preserved versions, ginger is oh-so versatile. Grated or chopped, it adds warming spices to stir-fries and soups, partnering especially well with butternut squash and root vegetables like parsnips. It also adds fresh, tangy flavour to fishcakes and whole baked fish, jazzes up jams and chutneys and takes cheesecake to a new level.


Blessed with a bright, fresh flavour, ginger manages to be both refreshing and comforting. A few slices of the root steeped in hot water with a little lemon and honey gives a cockle-warming boost when you’re feeling a bit snuffly.


This ‘clean’ spice is a favourite with the healthy set and its fresh root will liven up your morning smoothie. Why not make ginger your best friend and give these recipes a go?


Ginger prawn pasta

Ginger with pasta? Go on, give it a whirl (or twirl).


Lime and ginger tartlets

Ginger is a baker’s dream ingredient. These cute, colourful tartlets combine stem ginger in syrup with a zesty twist of lime.


Spicy ginger and chilli fish pie

Infuse classic fish pie with Indian flavours. 


Apple, prune and ginger pickle

It's time to get on board with the preserving trend. Ginger really brings this tangy pickle to life.


Pork and ginger noodles with broccoli

Thai flavours of ginger and garlic transform leftover pork into this super supper.


Chocolate, brazil nut and ginger brownies

Brownies with brazil nuts and ginger

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Martin Poole

Bored of brownies? Us neither. But this recipe, with a twist of ginger, makes them even more irresistible.


Vegetarian pho with tofu

Gloriously refreshing and comforting, this steaming bowl of Vietnamese pho is a quick and healthy dinner that will set you right.


Ginger beer

This zesty drink is refreshing and, as it's homemade, a gift that's filled with love.