This menu is guaranteed to impress on 14 February. You can thank us later

Now, we’re not saying real romance can’t blossom over a takeaway… but when you really want Cupid on your side, you’re going to need to bring out the culinary big guns.


From nibbles to tipples right through to pud, this interesting, indulgent and seriously impressive Valentine’s Day menu will prove that the course(s) of true love really can run smooth.


Nibbles: Pizza roses


Roses are red, pizza is cheesy, combining the two is surprisingly easy. Present your Valentine with a bunch of pizza roses and stand by for some solid gold swooning.  


Cocktail: Another Day In Paradise

cocktail recipe

Photo: PR

Bellinis are amateur hour. True love infuses its gin for six hours, with bay syrup to keep bae sweet. Another Day In Paradise is a cocktail to make their senses sing...  


Starter: Grilled scallops with green peppercorns and garlic

Sure, it takes a confident chef to use garlic in their Valentine’s meal – but these elegant, creamy scallops spiked with green peppercorns are the perfect balance of fancy and fragrant. And if you both have some then you’re fine, aren’t you?


Main: Slow-cooked lamb shank

Nothing says romance and seduction quite like seven hours of gentle simmering. Featuring aromatic spices, pomegranate seeds and swanky saffron, this (love me) tender lamb shank is basically the Tiffany bracelet of Valentine’s dinners. It also virtually cooks itself, but you don't need to tell them that.


Dessert: Strawberry heart pies

A romantic dessert that will warm their heart AND their cockles? Easy as the proverbial. Because if we were supposed to eat a light sorbet on Valentine’s Day, they would have scheduled it in July, right?


Cheese course: Fig, thyme and goat’s cheese tart

Skip the salon, put down the cologne – the only kind of tarting up you need to do tonight is with this voluptuous fig and goat’s cheese number. So much more romantic than plonking cheese on a board, plus pastry is a great excuse to practise your ‘cold hands, warm heart’ line.   


Gift: Chocolate truffles

Rich, silky-smooth and dressed up to the nines, these chocolate truffles couldn’t say ‘classic romance’ better if they dimmed the lights and put some Barry White on. Why be bashful when you could be ganache-full?