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6 alternative Christmas cakes

Via: Sainsbury's

Maybe you’ve never liked it. Or perhaps you’ve eaten too much already. Either way, if you want to steer clear of Christmas cake this year, bake one of these tasty recipes instead

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Don’t like anything about it?

Then take a look at this spectacular white chocolate, cranberry and pomegranate cake. It certainly looks the part and with no alcohol, marzipan or spices, it’s as far away from a Christmas cake as it’s possible to get.

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I don’t like sharing!

Ha! No problem, Ebenezer. If you want something all to yourself, then have a fancy Christmas cupcake. You don’t need to be Nigella to decorate them: just buy some ready-made decorations and watch this quick video for piping the perfect buttercream swirl


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Coffee and maple panettone recipe

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Martin Poole


It’s just too heavy

After turkey and trimmings, a piece of Christmas cake might just push you (and your tummy) over the edge. So how about trying panettone instead? This airy-fairy foil to our stodgy Christmas classic has all the festive flavour without the weight.

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I’m gluten-free

Fancy some lemon polenta cake then? Naturally flourless (it's made with ground almonds), you can use clementine instead of lemon to make it more festive. 

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Chocolate swirl Pavlova recipe

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Brett Stevens 


I just hate cake

What? OK. If you really are one of those types that don’t swoon over sponge, eat pavlova. This one looks absolutely lush topped with mango, chocolate curls and physalis (you know, those cherry-shaped orange things).