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Snow sprinkled black forest log


1. Snow sprinkled black forest log

Best for: keeping it simple

Difficulty: as easy as falling off a log

It's amazing what you can do with five ingredients and a dusting of icing sugar. Bursting with boozy Morello cherries and snowy whipped cream, this super-simple log is ideal if you're not mad on icing.

The sponge is made with dark chocolate instead of cocoa powder for a bit of extra oomph, and it's one of the few yule logs out there that are actually nut-free.

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Gluten-free chocolate yule log: Hannah Miles

Photo: William Reavell


2. Gluten-free chocolate yule log

Best for: show-offs

Difficulty: easier than it looks

If you want full marks for presentation, this is the log for you. Craggy homemade chocolate bark is an inspired touch, while traditional sugar-paste mushrooms make it a proper bûche de Noël, (don't sweat it, just buy them ready-made).


Designed for the gluten-free by Hannah Miles, this log's good for one and all – and you can get the kids super-excited if you say it's from the Gruffalo's wood.

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Chocolate log with brandy filling: James Ramsden

Photo: Clare Winfield


3. Chocolate log with brandy filling

Best for: traditionalists

Difficulty: perfectly do-able

James Ramsden seperates egg yolks and whites to make this classic chocolate log extra light and fluffy. No sugar in the cream stops things from getting too sweet and a good glug of brandy means it's good for the grown-ups.

Make two and push them together to create one big branch if you’ve got loads of people coming ... or you're just feeling greedy.

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Milk chocolate and hazelnut praline bûche de Noël: Edd kimber

Photo: Laura Edwards


4. Milk chocolate and hazelnut praline bûche de Noël

Best for: wannabe GBBO stars / nut lovers

Difficulty: involved

Bling bling! We're quite dazzled by Edd Kimber's nutty take on the classic Yuletide log. Cocoa sponge is brushed with Frangelico syrup, buttercream is made with praline paste and the whole thing is covered with gold-dusted hazelnuts. In a nutshell – fabulous.

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Chocolate & chestnut roulade: Will Torrent

Photo: Jonathan Gregson


5. Chocolate & chestnut roulade

Best for: chocoholics

Difficulty: involved

OOH ... moody. If you're serious about chocolate, how's about this smouldering sugar sensation? Will Torrent (the well-tempered cocoa prodigy) celebrates the trinity of rich buttercream, light sponge and rustic chocolate shavings, and uses some clever cheffy techniques to take things up a notch.


Cut yourself a fat slice and serve with a few fresh raspberries.