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Image: Piñata cake

All wrapped up

Be prepared for a real sugar rush as a tumble of dolly mixtures and jelly beans join the party. The birthday boy or girl will get a real surprise when they cut into this extravagant cake creation.

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Somewhere over the rainbow

This is our favourite. How on earth do you get a rainbow heart inside a cake?! Cake blogger extraordinaire Amanda Rettke creates these incredible "surprise inside" cakes for her blog, I Am Baker. If you fancy a challenge, try her awesome recipe – and let us know how you get on!

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Magic number

What's better than a surprise birthday party? A surprise number birthday cake, that's what. Try this recipe from food blogger Hungry Happenings – perfect for little ones, not so good if you want to keep your age a secret.

Just be careful what you say about this cake in the comments, otherwise this might happen.

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Image: Hidden-heart loaf cake

How deep is your love?

Cut the heart shapes out of red sponge, then pop them into a second cake mixture and bake again. It works, we promise! Get the recipe.

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A work of art

If you’re a culture vulture, turn a classic Battenburg into this Piet Mondrian-inspired surprise cake. Created by food artist Caitlin Freeman at the Blue Bottle Cafe in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, this edible masterpiece is best exhibited on a plate. We like this version of the recipe from the Art Fund, too.

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Check it out

An unassuming white cake on the outside, but an explosion of colour within! Food blogger Heather, from Sprinkle Bakes, shares her recipe for a lemony rainbow checkerboard cake. This one's not for the fainthearted. Send us a pic if you're brave enough to give it a go!

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Take the biscuit

Nibbled. All in one. Dunked in milk. Who doesn’t love an Oreo? Change your life and try them sandwiched between chocolate sponge and creamy buttercream in this epic Oreo surprise-inside cake as made by Brenda on her blog A Farmgirl's Dabbles.

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Join the dots

This surprise-inside dotty cake really hits the spot (sorry, we had to), as food blogger In Katrina's Kitchen makes one of Amanda Rettkea's creations. There's a bit of a cheat here too, as you roll up balls of shop-bought cake and drop them into packet-mix cake batter to make the dots. Easy!