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M&Ms layer cake

M&Ms layer cake: Jill Landsdowne, 79, Somerset

"I made this cake for my grandson's 7th birthday. It's made up of chocolate and vanilla sponge smothered with white and dark chocolate icing. I topped the cake with brightly coloured M&Ms and chopped fudge pieces – his favourites. Needless to say it went down a treat, even though I say so myself!"

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Princess castle birthday cake

Princess castle birthday cake: Sarah Lewis, 44, Stockport

"After watching Disney's Tangled, my little girl has been obsessed with princesses and mystical castles! I made the turrets out of readymade swiss roll and let my imagination run wild with the decorations. I used upside down ice cream cones for roofs, red icing for doors and little silver balls for the door knobs (sorry about the wonky turret!)"

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Wedding fruit cake

Wedding fruit cake: Rebecca Langford, 38, Buckinghamshire

"When my friend asked me to make her wedding cake, I thought: What am I going to do?! Luckily, thanks to YouTube and Peggy Porchen's cake book, I got through and made this triple-tiered beauty. Real roses were easy and effective decorations - top tip if you're ever making a wedding cake yourself!

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Victoria sponge cake

Victoria sponge cake: Mary Slater, 27, Wiltshire

Think Victoria sponge cake is boring? Think again!! We had a Victoria sponge cake party to celebrate my birthday – only thing was that each cake had to be different! I made rose scented buttercream in mine, but others had brought butterscotch and even chilli! Gross!!

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Hungry caterpillar cake

Hungry caterpillar cake: Susan Hargreaves, 36, Nottingham

"My little boy can't get enough of the hungry caterpillar so for his 3rd birthday I recreated our favourite fictional friend. I made 13 cupcakes and piped bright green icing onto each one, used licorice strips for the antennae and feet, and kids sweeties for the eyes. He absolutely loved it and the cupcakes were easy to share out between his friends".

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Burger cake

Burger cake: Sarah Sutton, 24, Shropshire

"I love burgers and I love cake ... So I decided to make a batch of burger cupcakes. Everyone in the office went wild over them, so by the time I thought to take a pic there was only one left!"

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Engagement party cake

Engagement party cake: Kelly Hutchings, 37, Devon

"With lots of mouth to feed, my engagement party cake had to be BIG! I bought extra cake tins and made a QUADRUPLE layer sponge cake - the biggest I've ever made. Things got a bit messy when I piped the happy couple's names on top but I was chuffed with the end result!"  


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30th birthday cake

30th birthday cake: Daniel Weaver, 32, Staffordshire

"It was my girlfriend's 30th birthday so I knew I had to pull out all the stops. Instead of making one cake I made THREE - chocolate, lemon and passionfruit! More cake the merrier, I say!!"

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Camera cake

Hasselblad camera cake: Brian St Claire, 29, London

My friend loves cameras and CAKE! So I made a cake camera. It took me all night to do it … and he still hasn't had the heart to cut into it, so I wouldn't eat it now!!

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Image: Wedding cake

Wedding layer cake: Gillian and Dave Lowe

"Our guests thought this cake cost hundreds of pounds, but it was actually three Taste the Difference celebration cakes!". It's amazing what some ribbon and roses can do!