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Connie Ma /CC-BY-SA 2.0 /adapted/ Flickr: ironypoisoning

The myth: bananas grow on trees

True or false? False

The reality: despite what you think you saw in the Jungle Book, the fruit actually grows on massive herbs that just resemble trees

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Searing meat

Naotake Murayama/ CC-BY-SA 2.0 /adapted/ Flickr: naotakem

The myth: searing meat keeps the interior moist

True or false? False

The reality: it’s really just for flavour and (unfortunately) doesn’t lock in those juices

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Swimming after eating

Ed Ivanushkin/ CC-BY-SA 2.0/adapted/ Flickr: barsen 

The myth: don’t swim after you eat 

True or false? False

The reality: despite what your mum told you, it seems swimming after eating won’t increase the risk of cramps 

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Photo: Gareth Morgans Via: Sainsbury's

The myth: sushi is raw fish

True or false? False

The reality: sushi actually means "sour rice" and some doesn’t feature fish at all (hello cucumber sushi). It's sashimi which involves raw fish or meat

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Chewing gum

Korny.brot / CC-BY-SA 2.0 /adapted / Flickr: korny-brot

The myth: chewing gum will stay in your system for 7 years if swallowed

True or false? False

The reality: the sticky stuff is indigestible but it doesn't loiter in your system

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Vegetarians protein

Alan Huett / CC-BY-SA 2.0 /adapted / Flickr: ahuett

The myth: vegetarians can’t get protein

True or false? False

The reality: say hello to eggs and beans, people. Full of the stuff 

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Cooking alcohol

Photo: Karen Thomas Via: Sainsbury's

The myth: alcohol burns off during the cooking process

True or false? Partly true

The reality: studies show that not all of the alcohol burns off when cooking. For example, if you only simmer something for 20 minutes, you will most likely have up to 50% of the alcohol still in your dish

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The myth: alcohol keeps your warm

True or false? False

The reality: alcohol dilates blood vessels near the skin and therefore creates the impression of warmth. This can actually cause core body temperature to drop

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Pasta in boiling water

Lonnie / CC-BY-SA 2.0 /adapted / Flickr: hanataro

The myth: oil stops pasta sticking when cooking

True or false? False

The reality: alas, not but it will cause the bubbles to burst faster and therefore help stop your water from boiling over 

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waferboard / CC-BY-SA 2.0 /adapted / Flickr: waferboard

The myth: caffeine dehydrates you

True or false? False (unless you overdo it)

The reality: studies have found no difference in hydration levels between those who drink coffee in moderation and those who drink the same amount of water. That is, unless you overdo it

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Emilian Robert Vicol /CC-BY-SA 2.0 /adapted / Flickr: free-stock

The myth: the mere act of eating celery uses up more calories than are actually in celery

True or false? False

The reality: if you’re looking for a quick fix then we’re afraid you’re not in luck as there is no research to suggest any food burns more calories than it releases

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salty water boils more quickly

Stu_spivack / CC-BY-SA 2.0 /adapted / Flickr: stuart_spivack

The myth: salty water boils more quickly

True or false? Partly true

The reality: while sea water will boil more quickly because of the low heat capacity of the salt, adding salt to fresh water will make almost no difference – unless you’re adding huge, sea-like quantities. Which is not advisable, obvs

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The myth: comfort food makes you feel better

True or false? Partly true

The reality: according to psychologists at the University of Minnesota, eating nothing has the same effect on a bad mood as comfort foods. However, others have said chocolate can make you feel emotionally better. Back to the drawing board, then?

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David Joyce / CC-BY-SA 2.0 /adapted / Flickr:  deapeajay

The myth: milk increases mucus production

True or false? False

The reality: there’s no need to avoid dairy if you have a cold