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Oranges have a monopoly on our vitamin C perceptions – maybe it’s Berocca that did it, or that orange-flavoured Calpol we all had as kids – but whenever we think vitamin C, oranges are often the go-to solution.

Thing is, there are a few other foods that have more vitamin C than an orange (which has 62mg of vitamin C, FYI).

And guess what! We’ve discovered what they are...

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Via: Sainsbury's


1. Cauliflower (67mg per portion when eaten raw)

This may come as a surprise, but the rather bland looking cauli contains a powerful vitamin C punch when eaten raw – and it makes an excellent crudité too. Marvellous.

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2. Broccoli (67mg per portion when eaten raw)

Even when gently cooked, broccoli still contains a decent 60mg per 100g of vitamin C. Dunk those emerald florets in houmous or tzatziki for a healthier snack.

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3. Kale (74mg per portion when eaten raw)

OK, so kale is a 'superfood'. Eaten raw, this leafy cabbage contains nearly 20% more vitamin C per portion than the humble orange. Even when it's cooked, it contains a whopping 71mg per 100g. And if you're not a fan, here are 8 ways to eat kale without it tasting too much like kale.

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4. Papaya (84mg per portion)

Soft, butter-like flesh and seductively sweet, the papaya (AKA the pawpaw) is delicious in a tropical fruit salad. The seeds are actually edible and taste a bit peppery, so save them for a curry.

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Brussels sprouts

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5. Brussels sprouts (104mg per portion when eaten raw)

Sprouts are so packed with vitamin C, we should be eating them for EVERY MEAL when they're in season October to March. Grate them raw into a salad or wrap in pancetta and roast

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6. Blackcurrants (182mg per portion when stewed)

It's official. Raw blackcurrants have nearly THREE times more Vitamin C than an orange. It’s almost impossible to eat blackcurrants raw (without screwing your face up with the sourness), so stew them gently with a little honey or sugar to taste, and stir into yogurt for a vitamin C packed brekkie. Pah! You won’t be catching any colds, that’s for sure.


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