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10 foods to eat for a sunny source of Vitamin D

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Unlike it's famous cousin vitamin C, poor old vitamin D is a bit of an unsung hero. It's essential for healthy muscles and strong bones and teeth, but 1 in 5 of us have low levels of it. Sunshine is the main source of Vitamin D, so if you're not getting out enough, or there's no sun to be had, make sure you're eating as many of these foods as you can... 

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Bran flakes

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1. Bran flakes

It’s hard to get excited about these cardboardy flakes, agreed. But fortified bran flakes aren’t only full of fibre – they also contain 4.6µg of Vitamin D per 100g. That’s the last time we turn our noses up at them.

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Egg yolk

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2. Egg yolk

Those LA fashionistas are missing a trick with their egg white omelettes, because it’s the yolk of the egg that contains all the vitamin D. Who knew?

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3. Herring

The king of the oily fish, herring is your new BFF when it comes to topping up your Vitamin D. Grilled herring contains 16.1µg per 100g, but if you buy them smoked you won’t even have to bother cooking them. Nothing fishy about that.

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4. Liver

Perhaps not a food at the top of your wish list but, trust us, liver is an excellent weekday supper and a source of Vitamin D. Try it in a liver pate or pan-fry and it’ll be ready in a few minutes (it’s super cheap too).

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5. Mince 

Mince might be an everyday ingredient, but you can make some extraordinary stuff with it – we're looking at you beef mince curryskinny lasagne and delicately spiced shepherd’s pie. Plus, as a source of Vitamin D, it’s going in that shopping trolley for a reason. Win.

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6. Pilchards

If the last time you ate a pilchard was back in the 90s, you're missing out. Pilchards might not sound sexy, but don’t be put off – they contain vitamin D, omega 3 and are a healthy source of protein. Try beating that for less than 65p (the current going rate for a tin).

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7. Salmon

Farmed or wild, fresh or tinned – it doesn’t matter how you eat it, salmon is an excellent source of vitamin D. We reckon a hearty salmon pho is the best way to go, flavoured with fresh ginger, chilli, pak choi and rice noodles. Souper.

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8. Sardines

Don’t like tinned fish? Try fresh sardines. The flavour is more subtle and they cook in minutes. Team with a zingy homemade salsa verde made with pesto, parsley, mint, mustard and vinegar to cut through the richness of the fish. It looks tricky but it’s dead simple – well done you.

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Soya milk

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9. Soya milk

Want to bump up the vitamin D content of your bran flakes? Splash out on fortified soya milk rather than cow's milk – you can even choose the unsweetened version if you’re feeling virtuous (which is all the time, right?).

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10. Trout

Don't tell anyone, but we prefer trout to salmon any day. Stir up a hearty risotto with kale and fennel, topped off with Parmesan shavings and lemon zest, then grab a spoon and camp in front of the telly #duvetdinner